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About me

I'm Myriam, a Syrian-born, passionate food maker and eater living in the Netherlands!
I was lucky to be raised in Aleppo by a talented mother known for her mouthwatering dishes and a city famous for its culturally-rich, delicious cuisine.
My hope is to spread awareness about Middle Eastern food through quick and easy recipes that create a ripple effect of happy bellies :)

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How it all started

The Full Story

My journey started in Aleppo, an ancient city famous for its food often referred to as “the mother of kibbeh and stuffed vegetables”. Growing up surrounded by one of the best cuisines in the world, this is where I developed an understanding for rich, complex cuisine. Little did I know that mahshi, kibbeh, kebab Halabi and soujouk sandwiches were special dishes which would not always be readily available to satisfy my cravings!

After completing university, I moved to Dubai for work, and with little to no time to cook I started exploring the restaurant scene. Luckily the food was extremely tasty and affordable, so I was able to enjoy high-quality food and access to international cuisines. Even though my career also took me in the food service direction my love for food was not born- yet.

Fast forward a few years and life brings me to the Netherlands. Having enjoyed years of delicious Middle Eastern food I was quite disappointed by the Dutch food scene so had to take matters into my own hands. Thanks to the convenience of pre-packed chopped vegetables (and my lovely dish washer) my love for cooking was born- and thanks to covid lockdowns and working from home, my love for cooking blossomed!    

Hope Mimsoulie can help uplift your bellies in this crazy world- so get reading and start cooking ❤

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What does Mimsoulie mean?

Mimsoulie, or "Mims" + "oulie", is a combination of my nickname "Mims" and part of my family name "oulie".
It's a journey of personal growth which I look forward to sharing with everyone!

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